Blog Post 10, Nov. 5 2015

Part 1: An Outstanding Servant Leader

Anna From Frozen

According to the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, “A servant-leader focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong.”  Anna spends all of the movie Frozen trying to help her sister, who is going through a rough time, largely to her own detriment. Ana exhibits several behaviors throughout the movie that are crucial to servant leadership, including emotional healing, persuasion, ethicalness, and putting followers first (Spears 2010).

Part 2: Results of servant Leadership Questionnaire

1. Emotional Healing – 25; High

2. Creating Value for the Community – 19; Moderate

3. Conceptual Skills – 24.5; High

4. Empowering – 20.5; Moderate

5. Helping Followers Grow – 20.5; Moderate

6. Putting Followers First – 21; Moderate

7. Ethicalness – 24.5; High


a. Do you agree or disagree with the results? Why?

I do agree. The two people I had complete the survey are good friends of mine that I’ve also worked with on a major project in a class, and they both know me very well. I think ethicalness is extremely important, especially in a school or business environment, and I go out of my way to be fair to everyone I work with. I think that my conceptual skills are very good and I like to think in a big picture kind of way. I’m a little surprised about how high my emotional healing score is, but in a good way. I try to take my followers’ and teammates’ feelings into account, and apparently I have more success than I realized.

b. How does the knowledge of servant leadership affect your definition of leadership, if at all?

I think that servant leadership was already partially reflected in my definition where I mentioned that leaders help their followers develop their skills and grow, but I think I can add in another element to the definition after learning how servant leaders really empower their followers and give them autonomy and decision-making opportunities:

Leadership is when a person or group has the knowledge, skills, drive, and vision to successfully take initiative, whether they choose to or have it thrust upon them, to inspire and empower each follower to develop their skills, grow, and work with the group to achieve a common goal.

c. How does the knowledge of servant leadership affect how you see yourself as a leader, if at all?

Servant leadership makes me feel like I’m a better leader than I thought. A big part of my lack of confidence in my leadership skills is because people don’t tend to frequently identify me as someone who is very in charge, but servant leaders kind of lead from the background and that is something I feel like I can identify with.

d. What servant leadership characteristics do you need to display in order to be a better leader?

The servant leadership characteristics that I am most lacking are empowering and creating value for the community. I think those are both difficult to display in an academic situation, because you’re so often trying to learn along with your team and it’s hard to empower others to make decisions and help them grow when you’re not incredibly sure about the decisions or skills you need yet either. However, I definitely think it’s possible, especially as my education advances and I’m more and more confident in my abilities, so I will keep the community and follower growth in mind going forward.

Blog Post 10, Nov. 5 2015

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